Terms of service

Commission ordering

  • You can order a commission basically from anywhere you could find me, but Twitter is always recommended as it is the most reliable platform which I can give you reliable replies.
  • If the commission ordered is too complex for me, the price will be increased. For regular commissions, partial reasons are listed below.
Character has complex clothes especially dedicated dresses
Character’s hair/mane has more than 3 colors
Character has complex or multiple accessories
Should be noted that reasons and price added are not so strict.
  • I reserve the right to deny the commission for which exceeds my capacity and the right to cancel the commission for any reason.

Dos and Don’ts

I will do

  • SFW
  • Pony OC
  • My Little Pony fanart

I won’t do

  • Human OC*
  • Anthro*
  • Muscular
  • Robots / mecha
  • Complex armors
  • NSFW ( Including but not limited to heavy gore, sexual scene, nudity)
  • Fetish Art
  • Dark / Ignorant Themes ( Including but not limited to racism, suicide etc.)
  • Anything political
*: Items won’t be available for regular commissionbut may be available in future. If you want to gain early access with extra payment, feel free to contact me for more information and tell me your budget.

Payment and refund

How to pay

  • Acceptable currencies are: USD, CNY
  • Payment should be done through PayPal (USD), Boosty (RUB/USD) or Alipay (CNY).*
*: Payments via Alipay enjoys a 10% discount, works for everyone and every commission.

When to pay

  • All payment before commission starts. Only when 100% payments are received can I start my work.
  • Please contact me if you want to do payment plans.
  • Payment from commission or support platform bypasses rules above and full payment must be paid when order placed due to platform restrictions. But refund policy remains same.
  • Tips are always welcomed via ko-fi, and I will gratefully thank you for every little tips you paid!

About refund

  • You can request refund anytime, but how much can be refunded varies considering order’s progress.
Before draft After draft/lineart After commission done
100% refund 50% refund 0% refund
  • If I need to cancel a commission for any reason, you will receive 100% refund.

Commission Workflow and Edits


Regular commission follow workflow below:

  1. When you placed an order and sent your character reference, I will ask you some details about your character and update the price if needed.
  2. After price confirmed and full payment is made, I will start working on the draft.
  3. After finished the draft, I will ask you to check it if there is anything to edit.
  4. If draft/lineart is approved and I will start coloring and shading and send you a down-scaled version of the art for final approval.
  5. After final approval, I’ll send you the full-sized art to you via email, Google Drive or other methods you require.
  6. When you received the art I’ll post the commission to public platforms.


  • You can make 3 free edits like change the pose/clothes/hairstyle/color throughout the commission workflow.
  • Edit for more than 3 times, including but not limited to edits that require a new draft will charge more, while simple and easy edits does not count.
  • If I made any mistake in drawing your character, like missing accessory/pattern etc. I will edit that free of charge and that won’t be counted in free-edit chances.
  • Alternate version edits like require naked/dressed edit should be said before final approval, best at the beginning, or I will charge more.

Obligations and rights

Client obligations

  • You must understand and agree to this term of service.
  • You need to send me clear visual references of your character or willing to spend time to let me know the clear appearance.
  • You must know that your commission is for personal use only by default, which means you can use that as avatar, profile picture, wallpaper etc. Using the artwork for print or live is okay as long as that’s limited to friends and families only and free of charge. If you wish to use commissions commercially, including but not limited to printing, sales, video monetization, you will need to purchase an additional commercial license.
  • NO NFT.
  • NO AI, which means you cannot put my artwork into AI’s training set.

Artist rights

  • I reserve my full rights for the work I created, including but not limited to post it to public platforms like social media and personal websites for self promotion.
  • I will not claim your original characters as my own and will not publish the reference you send me to anywhere.